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Bell or Beeper?

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personal preference.  I like a bell, because I want to know where my pup is, and when the pup is working out too far...and don't want to constantly be looking down at the damn GPS.  So...bell and GPS. 

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I prefer all three (bell, beeper and GPS) in grouse cover. My beeper is controlled remotely and I typically run it silent. The only time it gets used is when the GPS and bell don't get me all the way

if you need a beeper / ecollar set up , Dogtra is the way to go . I personally like the Alpha and run a bell . I too am hearing impaired but like to hear the dog moving through the woods . When t

After reading some of these post think I know why I hunt alone a lot. Love the sound of the bell as I find its the sound tract to what the dog is doing. By the cadence of the bell can tell you ex

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