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Ten years ago I wanted to display the "genealogic tree" of my new litter, so I developped a tiny website.

Ten years after, this website is still alive and is an European reference.


The basis is: - the database is free,

- everybody can enter his/her dog,

- everybody can add photos for every dog,

- everybody can enter field trial or show result.


We have now all French field trials results, <<grande  quete>> results for all European countries.


The website is free, there is no business on it. About ten admin volunteers work on the data. Some ones prefers photos, or filed trials, or ancient pedigrees.

We have about 1,500 different visitors per day. That's quite incredible to imagine that 1,500 people eryday are ooking  at English setters informations.


We have photo galleries of English setters. With more than 25,000 photos! 25,000 photos of European English setters...


So, now - we don't have American brood lines. But as I said, that's free, there is no business.

Everybody is free to enter his dog and to add pictures.


Envoy !!!


PS: http://pedigree.setter-anglais.fr



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I love pointing dogs...

So I created a database for Gordon setters. For my old boy Bali . Yes, I started with gordon setters, and now I am an English setter addict (but I still love gordon setters).


And now we have have a pedigree database for English setters - http://pedigree.setter-anglais.fr

Gordon setters - http://sg.tangor.net (13,000 pedigrees, 1,500 photos)

Irish setters - http://si.tangor.net

Pointer - http://pointer.tangor.net


and Korthals - http://gk.tangor.net

Short Hair German (Kurtzhaar/Braque Allemand) : http://ba.tangor.net - Used by the Official French Club - 20,000 pedigrees, 1,750 photos.


Feel free to use these websites!,


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