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I took my 100 squirrel hunting and it would not show my track!  I know my 320 use to do that while hiking! Still have the 320 maybe I will take it.

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The 100 definitely shows the track of the user as well as the dog track(s).  Do you see your track when you have the dogs with you?  You should also see it when you're not tracking dogs.


One thing I can think of--make sure the track is set to a color that contrasts sufficiently with the map to show up well and that is different from the dog tracks.


Another thing I just now found playing with the Alpha:


Go to "Setup"


Scroll down and you'll see a choice for "Tracks"--tap that button


You'll have a list of choices--the first one is "Track Log"--within that button it should say in smaller letters "Record, Show on Map"

If it says anything other than that tap the button and choose that option out of the three choices


If that's not clear I'll PM my number to you--wouldn't take but a minute to figure it out.


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