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You folks know the drill...The end of each month is my UJ Bookkeeping time. This is when I send out Group Messages.


1, A RENEWAL REQUEST Message To 2018 CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS who had voluntarily donated a year ago.


2, A NOTICE of Change Of Member Group to 2018 CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS from the previous month who hadn't renewed/donated. This gives them the chance to renew before I spin them back to the regular MEMBER GROUP and their extra privileges are disabled.


3, I move 2018 CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS who had decided not to renew Donating/Contributing Membership after receiving the two Messages above, back to the MEMBER GROUP.


Members please check your  Messages, which are accessed via the envelope icon on upper right to see if you have any Member Group Renewal and Group Change Messages


To see what Member Group you are in...look under your Avatar on Posts or on your Profile page. It will be either MEMBER GROUP or 2018 CONTRIBUTING MEMBER.


If any Member is interested in donating and being added to the 2018 CONTRIBUTING MEMBER GROUP with enhanced Privileges, including the ability to upload photos directly to Posts, see this Topic:  Member Groups/Donations/Privileges Topic  This Topic explains the Donation/Member Group structure and has a Link to Online Donation Payments and snail mail address for checks.


Thanks for helping me keep UJ ship shape!

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Final Forum spin before being stored in General Board info Category/Forums.

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