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WELCOME New Ad Sponsor-Front Range Gun Dog

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Front Range Gun Dog website


Please Welcome NEW UJ Ad Sponsor-Front Range Gun Dog, Gun Dog Supplies for the Hunter and Trainer


Their ad has joined the rotation of Banner Ads at the top and bottom of UJ pages. Banner ads change upon page refresh, page change etc.  When you see their ad click it now and again, and check out their product line.


Like most all of our UJ Ad Sponsors FRGD (located in Colorado) contacted me to advertise and market on Upland Journal. They apparently like what they see here and have chosen to support this Discussion Community. They deserve to be supported as well by the Membership, and be considered for our bird hunting dog supplies and gear. Great array of products for a good price. 


From their website:


Our Mission

Our mission at Front Range Gun Dog is to provide our customers with exceptional quality products and uncompromising personalized service.


Why Front Range Gun Dog was Started

Thirty plus years of hunting and training experience has taught us that having quality gear is essential to getting the most out of your dog.  Precious time spent afield should not be wasted on sub-standard equipment. That’s why at Front Range Gun Dog we offer field-tested products that we use with our own dogs.


High-quality gear typically costs more upfront.  However, the reliability and longer life of high-end equipment translates into, very simply put, more bang for your buck.  So why don’t the chain retailers carry the high-quality gear and equipment needed by the serious gun dog owner?   Front Range Gun Dog was formed to offer gun dog owners easy access to the highest quality gear sold by expert gun dog owners.


The idea for Front Range Gun Dog was created based on this concept coupled with these guiding values: honesty, quality, service, & excellence


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Some feed back I hope FRGD finds helpful:


I am eager to support a Colorado company and UJ sponsor.  The website looks really good and is professionally done.  Nice!


I just tried to order a new check cord from FRGD.  The website requires that I create a 12 character password to order something/anything.  I've already got a few million passwords I can't remember.  Most are written on a piece of paper that I can never find when I need it.  I am not interested in creating yet another one to manage just to buy a $20 check cord.  Especially a password 12 characters long.  I know how it goes for me:  I create a password to make a purchase, then I forget it because I buy dog stuff only about once a year, then I get locked out of my account because I forgot the password, then I have to make a new password next time I want to buy something, which I then forget again.  The process repeats each time I want to buy something.  I end up wasting time for even the most minor purchases.  There are other gun dog retailers that don't require a password to make a minor purchase, or even a large purchase.  Not trying to bust anyone's b@lls, its just the reality of internet buying.


FRGD - I'd love to buy from you.  Please reconsider the password requirement.  Thanks!

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Will also like to give you some feedback, I also live in CO and would like to support a local company and that one supports UJ.


The only contact info for you is a phone number and a email. No physical address or your name is not provided.


It is hard for me to trust a new company, if you want my business, be open and tell us who/ where your based out of/local dog clubs you belong to/ Etc. Should be added to "Your Story" area.


Food for thought.

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Great input. I have contacted FRGD to review this Topic

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I just got my order from FRGD, great folks to deal with, fast shipping. They even stuck a surprise in the box which I greatly appreciated. Definitely give them a look. 

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