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Toyota Rav AWD such poor ratings

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john mcg
19 minutes ago, salmontogue said:


Several hunting fishing friends and their wives have owned a succession of Subarus, primarily Foresters and Outbacks, both of which have identical ground clearance.  Our SUVs have always been larger....Explorer, Navigator and Expedition.  Having said that, I am favorably impressed to the point that I might purchase one as a spare car (we typically have three in a two driver family as service is distant at 100 miles plus.


Past complaints with Subarus included head gaskets, cooling hot spots, timing belt breakage and excessive oil consumption.  Where do the current models stand with these previous problems???????



We haven’t experienced those things. 

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My daughter has a 2007 RAV limited and has had zero issues with it other then burning a bit of oil when it hit 150K.   She test drove the 2018 RAV last year and hated it.  Harder to see out of in regards to blind spots as compared to the 2007 RAV and cheap interior (way too much plastic for her).   She is still in the market for  new small 4 Wheel Drive.  She is leaning Subaru Forester, but thinks the styling is ungodly dated and her research into the head gasket and CVT issues caused her to hold off until the new 2019 RAV comes out.  Once she drives the new RAV she will decide between the two, or look for something else.   


FWIW, the 2007 RAV has been outstanding in the snow.  The ability to push the 4 Wheel drive LOC button and lock all the tires like a 4 wheel drive tractor (low speeds only) has allowed her to get out of places I didn't think were possible.  Its like a little tank. 

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All these suvs hype they are 4wd. But in reality, when they are equipped with open std diffs, they are at best 2wd vehicles. You will see in the video all the stuck ones were spinning one wheel/axle whilest the opposite wheel was stationary. Tractive force is severely limited in this situation. 


The Suburu had either locking diffs or traction control as it was spinning all 4 wheels. Game changer. I doubt it was stock but dont know the specs on it. 


Just saying!

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I had both a 2013 and 2015 new generation Rav4, both XLEs with AWD and they were fantatic vehicles in that price range.


24-27mpg and better snow performance with studs than my subaru with studs.  Plenty of get up and go (unlike Subaru) and enough space in the trunk for 2 intermediate crates side by side with the rear seat still up.


I leased them both, only reason we didn't buy them was the residuel was silly high and decided on a used Lexus GX470 for almost the same price.


Rav is a solid choice, that is why they are everywhere around here.

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Last year I deliberated on buying a new vehicle to be used as a daily driver and a hunting wagon. I wanted reliability, mpg, off-road capability (not rock crawling), and longevity. 


I did extensive research and narrowed it down to these representatives of their "class": Full size pickup; Tacoma; 4Runner; or Subaru Forester.


(Note: based on several aspects of my criteria, the Forester beat out the others in th crossover SUV class.)


I bought a 2018 Forester Premium.


My upgrades so far: More aggressive AT tires; Primitive Racing skid plate on it; Anderson 2" lift. My clearance is 10.75"


I love this thing. It drives like a champ, is comfortable, and I get 28-29 mpg. I've had it easily outperform some 4wd pickups in slick mud, I've taken it thru some rough, tight, very vertical mountain forest svc roads in CO, driven rough pastures, etc. 


I'm on a business trip right now and don't have a good pic or I'd post it. 


I'll post a thorough review with pics, costs, and details when I get a chance. 

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