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I spent last week in Michigan chasing grouse and woodcock.  Wednesday we hunted in the rain most of the afternoon.  At the end of the day I took my Garmin TT 15 collars (3) of the dogs and put them in the back seat of my truck.  Thursday morning at our first spot I couldn’t get the newest (purchased in August) to turn on.  I just assumed I didn’t get it turned off and the battery died over night.  Later that night I tried charging it with no luck.  The following Monday I called Garmin customer service and explained my situation.  We tried a few things that took about 5 minuets and then he said “you bought a product and expect it to work”.  “This collar obviously is not doing that so we are going to replace it with a new one.”  I asked if I needed to send the charger back with the old one.  He said, “no take off the collar, probes, antenna, and  antenna holder and keep them for spare parts and just send back the unit.”  I sent it out Monday afternoon and the new one will be here Tuesday.  Great Customer Service!

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