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If I won the lottery I get one of these

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12 hours ago, Curt said:

My old business partner is the exact opposite, he's enamored with Mercedes cars and has been for the last 35 years or so.  He buys a new one every year, trades in the previous years model and off he goes.  He's been doing that for the last 35 years at least.  I doubt he drives them 10k miles a year, probably less, he's become a Mercedes fanatic.

We have a friend who does something similar, he buys a new Benz every two years - here's the twist.  His Doctor leases a new S class sedan every two years and my buddy buys it the second it gets traded for the next one.  He drives it for two years, sells it and the monthly cost to him is the equivalent of a Honda or Toyota as the Benz's value decreases very little in that time.  It is still fully warranted too.  He also knows exactly how much the dealer has in the car.  At this point, they just do the deal every two years like clockwork.  He was the CFO of a large apparel company in AL and knows money.  



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