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The Marketing Genius of Yeti


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I can understand the logic of saving ice in the summer and early fall months. But most upland bird hunters are provided free cooling from October on. All fall and winter I use my cooler to keep food and beverages clean, and from freezing solid. There's a very short window for an upland bird hunter to utilize the capacity of a five day cooler.   

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As a graphic designer turned art director I was entrenched in marketing and branding my entire career. Yeti indeed are marketing geniuses. Good for them. If there products were poorly made and poorly

I heard Tom Brady drives the ATV he got from Cabelas wearing muck boots from LL Bean while deer hunting in MA with a 12ga semi auto and ground whacks every grouse he sees so his fat Lab can fetch them

People worry too much about what other people spend their money on. 

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I was processing venison last week.  I had quarters in a Yeti and a Coleman and left them outside over night in zero degree weather.  The Yeti kept the quarters from freezing.  Coleman didn't.   Yeti is rugged, can stand being used as a seat, hinges don't bust, seals tight,  can stand being bounced around in a truck year in and year out, and plain just works.  Spending a week on the prairies in September the temps can be near 100.  Nice to not have to drive 60 miles each day for ice to keep food and birds cool.  I don't judge folks by what kind of cooler they use but if someone is judging me by it they will know I don't waste money on junk.    

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