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Bird Dogs Afield Renews Ad Sponsorship

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Long term UJ Ad Sponsor/supporter BDA...Bird Dogs Afield...Paul Fuller has renewed their Display and Banner Ad for another year on UJ. 


The nature of the BB/Discussion Forum beast is that ads don't get clicked a wicked lot, so it's very difficult to gauge effectiveness. The real benefit of being a UJ Ad Sponsor is mention and discussion on the forums which can't be quantified, but is worth a lot more than random click for analytic purposes.


So let BDA/Paul know you you appreciate their Ad Sponsorship which helps keep this ship afloat.


Here is info on BDA for a Featured Sponsor Topic:



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Great great guy.  Met him at the NE SXS last year.  He was filming various segments for his show.  We talked bird hunting of course and Maine and the upper Midwest.  Paul gets around for sure. 

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Met Paul and his lovely wife in Montana a couple times and once at Haussman's hollow. Great guy with a great product!

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