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Employee pricing trucks

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14 minutes ago, salmontogue said:


Dealer invoice is normally 9% to 11% below MSRP not including destination charges.  There is also an advertising allowance and a hold back account included in dealer pricing.


I checked on the central MA Ram dealer and he has deals as much as 21% off MSRP.  I am guessing he buys groups of stock vehicles that have remained too long on the manufacturers inventory or buys quantity that are similarly equipped.


Insurance agents know typical vehicle market values but some insurance company personnel know precisely what they cost at dealer level.  It's a part of their business knowledge base.



We also receive a discount on Chrysler. I used it last year on my Ram truck. I believe it was 2% below invoice. I think I may have been watching the dealership in Ma that you are speaking of when I was in search mode for the truck I wanted. They had some great deals but never had exactly what I was looking for. 

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