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Tilting at windmills--part II

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It just won't stop raining here.  Another week of deer season if I can only get into the woods...SelbyLowndes



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This could only happen to me....   I got to my spot at about 6:45, damp, foggy, raw--bone chilling.  First mistake--didn't bring toe and hand warmers because I figured I wouldn't need them s

I took the day off and spent 7+ hours in the woods.  I didn't see anything but a friend of mine hunting a few hundred yards away saw a doe but nothing following.  I did check my camera and found that

Here we go again!   Tilting at windmills Verb: (intransitive) To attack imaginary enemies. (intransitive, by extension) To go on a wild-goose chase; to persistently engage in

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Have you ever used your .56 as a 28ish gauge scattergun?  I think you could drop in a rifled .54 barrel if you ever wanted to have a little more accuracy.

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