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Dogtra Pathfinder with Android smartwatch

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I run an old Astro 220 on my dogs and have had wonderful luck with it.  I think I've owned it for 12+ years.  I've recently been giving some thought to replacing it.  Obviously a Garmin product is the most likely candidate as I'm familiar, and comfortable, with what they sell.


But I'm intrigued by the Dogtra Pathfinder if I can figure out a way to use it with a smartwatch instead of my cellphone.  A few of the men I hunt with use a Fenix with their tracker and it is a really slick setup.  I think the same can be accomplished with the Pathfinder assuming I can find a watch that is GPS/Bluetooth compatible and runs an Android OS. I'm not familiar enough with the watches to know if they will run the app or if there has to be a watch specific app.   Has anybody heard or seen anybody doing this?  


I guess I could just call Dogtra and ask if this is possible.  Any other suggestions?

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