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.22 blanks

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On 12/27/2018 at 11:05 AM, Remo said:

JMO. For gun intro I use one of these from Lion Country: https://www.lcsupply.com/Retriev-R-Trainer-Basic-Kit/productinfo/RTR/

It is loud and louder yet if you use the .22 green nail gun blanks from the hardware store. Green will blast the dummy out a 100 yds or more. The blanks come in varying strengths/loudness and are color coded..  Let the pup work out in front a ways, whistle for his attention, turn 90 degrees or more from the dog, and fire horizontal to the ground. The white dummy bounces along for eye popping appeal. If you wet the inside sleeve of the dummy it will be quieter and won't shoot as far. The handy thing about the unit is that the dog will love it his whole life, gives them exercise, teaches retrieving and marking.

And it is just plain fun in the off season. Try it first without the pup.

I have a couple of these myself but they are definitely not for gun intro.   For gun intro you want the training pistol with acorn crimps.  While there are many different methods for introducing a puppy to gunfire, here is my method and the best method.  You introduce them to the sound and teach them that the shot of a gun leads to positive things. I start my dogs off at 7 weeks of age. First, I have a training pistol, not a 22, but one that shoots the short crimps. I have a helper 80 yds away. As the puppy is diving into his food bowl for his supper, my helper fires off one single shot as the puppy is eating. We do this for one week. The next week we move to a distance of 70 yds, then the next week is 60 yds. Eventually when we get to about 50 yds we stop.  Now the pup is 11 or 12, loves the sound of a gun because it means something good.  

The next step is to have helper stand at a distance of 80 yds and fire off a single shot at the puppy is running hard for a retrieve. Then we work are way in and continue till the pup is about 4 months. At this time I repeat the procedure on the retrieve with a 20 gauge light load and have the handler about 100 yds away. Then work are way in to 50 yds.  At this time we replace the training pistol with a 20 gauge shooting light loads.   


When I had point dogs back in the day, we would sound off the training pistol from the same distances as the planted bird was flushed after a point and proceeded the same way.

When the pup is about 5 or 6 months old and ready to begin formal training, I have a dog that knows that the gun shot means retrieve and birds.  I also start using the Dummy Launcher at 5 months or possibly younger but never directly over the top of the dog.   Dogs are never born gun shy, they are made gun shy through improper training techniques.  

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