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2019 UJ Catskill Gathering

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4 hours ago, browndog said:

Hey gang, I've pencilled the dates in and am prospecting for an open bed 🙂 ....   thanks

Glad to hear this.  The more the better!  Give them a call, the lodge has a lot of beds.  I am sure that you could reserve one.  Along with any other gun that you want to shoot, If you have them, be sure to bring a SxS for the SxS open that we shot on Friday afternoon last year and a 28 ga. for the 28 ga. challenge that was shot on Saturday afternoon.  These two shoots are a lot of fun.

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Once again a great time and huge thanks to the Polecat . I'm not sure everyone knows how much work he puts into this . Every year he brings enough food that even when there is concern what's for dinne

Hey Polecat! What's fer supper?    Well, we got marinated venison loins, fresh off the grill, And Ruffneck's quart jars of marinated cherries -- fresh from the still.   We got

I am pretty sure I will make it back this year.  My lung cancer metastasized to my brain but I am in good care now. Finished the high intensity radiation last week.  I really feel great, hav

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2 hours ago, Swampy 16 said:

What time Friday? I’m may not get there in time.

I believe that we shot the SxS at 2:00 on Friday.  However, anywhere between 2:00 to 3:00 is also fine.

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You can shoot anytime with anybody . The Cats 28 gauge shoot is scheduled Saturday morning . The Cats SxS shoot , any gauge , is scheduled after Saturday lunch . Many shooters (especially the Kanadian) use Friday as a warm up . 

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Friday, I’m  gonna try to leave work by 11. Then home to grab my stuff then it’s pronably 3 hours so 3 pm would be the best I could do for Friday. That’s as of now. I’ll try to get the day off but can’t put in just yet. I just put two days in for June. The Northeast SXS and the Nittany Mountain Antique Machinery show. 

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drummer's stump

I am really looking forward to coming this year. I am just not sure which female companion to bring, don't want to get Al in trouble for eating bad things.

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Would like to roll in Thursday again if it works out. The 28 ga shoot still sounds like fun.

Just have to hide Grifish's shells.😝

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On 2/11/2019 at 12:23 AM, Zoli 16ga. said:

as a favour Dennis....I'll shoot with you on the Friday...keep your score as the official international referee, then pass our...eh hem....your 89/100 score onto Al on Saturday.....no?

Thanks Don appreciate it!  If some are showing up on Thursday then maybe I could come then as well.  That would give me more time to hang out with the UJers, drink beer eat good food before I have to strap a pack on my back and hike 100 miles over hill and dale.  


Im actually really looking forward to both events!

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