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Good question, I'd like to know too.  

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You have to "start a new hunt" at the beginning this resets it. Then click on the collar on the dog and it will give you the distance traveled. For you look on the trip computer. It gives you distance, avg speed, ect.


You can also download to base camp and see the individual tracks with distace and speed depending on your settings. Dont think you can do it on the hadheld.



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Cooter Brown

To find out the dog's mileage, like cajunl says, "Start New Hunt" when you hit the ground.  This clears out the previous mileage and dog tracks.  If you change spots and don't want to include road mileage either turn off the collar or press "Stop Tracking", which is on the menu for the screen cajunl shows above.


To track your mileage go to "Trip Computer" and to the menu there.  Hit "Reset".  You'll have the four options.  If you "Reset Trip Data" it'll reset all the data on the odometer.  You can also "Clear Current Track".


If you download your hunt to Basecamp you can scroll the cursor over the tracks and see the mileage.  It will only be correct of you have chosen "Start New Hunt" and "Clear Current Track".  Resetting the odometer does not clear your track that shows up on Basecamp, only "Clear Current Track" does that.  The track will represent all movement back to the last time the track was cleared.  Just to be clear, "Start New Hunt" clears only the dog's track, not your track.


Interestingly, I've found that the mileage that shows up on the handheld odometer and dog screens is often less than the mileage of the tracks when you look at them in Basecamp, especially in steep terrain.  I figured Basecamp must somehow be accounting for for the fact that when you go up and down hill you're on a hypotenuse, while the handheld only sees the base leg of the triangle in relation to the satellites.  I actually called Garmin about this and sorta wigged out the CS guy, who got someone who said he was an engineer, who told me that was correct.  Take it for what it's worth, but to be super accurate as far as the mileage you and the dogs go, it seems it's better to start a new hunt and clear your track before the hunt and download to Basecamp to find out.  I don't think there's a way to read track mileage on the handheld, only odometer mileage via the dog screens and the "Trip Computer" screen.


Another advantage of downloading each hunt to Basecamp is that you can set it to save all new waypoints, which serves as a backup in case something happens to the handheld.


I'm sure that confuses things well enough.

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