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Last nail in Cabela’s coffin

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braque du upstate

Orvis catalog is good. The local fly shop shut down . The brick and mortar had 80% women's clothing,   a dozen flyrods on the back wall. I honestly walked in thinking it was going to be set up like a ll bean store i had visited in buffalo . It was 6 old ladies in pant suits... i hit a wall of perfume and hightailed it . back in the 90' s i drooled over their stuff i couldn't afford . 

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FWIW. Orvis is a UJ Ad Sponsor and contacted me without solicitation. They are committed to the Upland market and supporting this Upland discussion community, and help pay for this playground. They ar

I am not either. I can’t watch hunting shows or videos for this reason. Our blood sports have become somewhat a competitive sport with plenty of ammo floating around out there for the antis to use. Mo

They also donate 5% of pre-tax profits to conservation and have for many years. That’s far more than the cool kids are promoting with the “2% for conservation” campaign but somehow Orvis doesn’t get t

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Take a trip to Manchester, Vermont, and visit the Orvis main store and the outlet barn next door. Their customer service is second to none, and there's plenty of upland equipment, clothing, high end guns (I can't afford), fly fishing gear, and yes, women's clothing.


Yes it's expensive, most of my purchases are next door in the bargain barn, but you're treated like a human being there, rather than an annoyance. And they stand by their products.


And Manchester is a beautiful town in a very historic area in southern Vermont. Great place to spend a weekend or romantic getaway (if you need one for marital maintenance).


Oh yeah, there's also a local fishing and gun shop in town worth checking out. 

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Yes, can't wait for the "final," nail.  Heck, would gladly provide both the nail and the hammer.  They are a bunch of corporate, "lackies," with no common sense.   No willingness to work with their customers.  Yes, hoping for the final nail the sooner the better.

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