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On March 27, 2019 at 1:24 PM, Don fischer said:

Never been to Africa but always wanted to go. Not gonna make it I'm afraid. One thing I think I got about it through reading is the most important component is not the cartridge but the bullet. Seem's to me it's always a heavy for caliber bullet! I suspect that the 6.5's with 156gr class bullet's would work fine. 175gr in 7mm's and 200gr in 30's. Guessing a 308 with a 200gr bullet would be fine. I don't think you could carry anything that would be good to go for a charge by some dangerous game. I doubt even a lion would be able to take a well placed 200gr 30 cal bullet. At the same time it might not be a good idea on something like a Cape Buffalo! Then again a 458 with 500gr solids will probably pretty will stop anything from a Dik Dik on up! You'd have to decide just how much your willing to carry! I read years ago where Elennor O'Conner only ever killed one elephant. Did it with a 30-06! Oh well, so much for that theory. The range of animals in Africa is huge and I think one can get over gunned pretty easy. If I ever did make it there now, I'd carry my Nikon and a couple nice lens! I have lost my desire to shoot an animal there for some reason.

Yup.  I'd be happy just to see those critters in the wild.  

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UH,Just for interest sake ,my go to rifle now (last 25 years) is  7x57mm ,hunted almost every thing from duiker to Kudu with it.Got rid of  most of the other dust collectors years ago(223/270 and 30.0

I've posted these before but I don't mind posting them again to offer a bit more persuasion.     My wildebeest I referenced earlier.      Random pics from camping in Hwa

marc ret, an old 'campfire tale' that stems from the Anglo/Boer war in the early 1900,s ,the Afrikaaners(Boers) were armed with 7mm mausers,(which in its day was the best military rifle around) and th

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I found plains game hunting pretty boring unless you just want to shoot a lot of animals.  Any 30 caliber rifle with good bullets will do.  I shot mine with the 375 H&H since we were hunting Cape Buffalo.  Now, That's real Hunting.

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