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The legislature meets every 2 years here, no waiting period. I think in the last 11 sessions there has been some aspect of no trespass brought up 9 times. When Idaho went down it really emboldened Farm Bureau and the ND Stockmen's Asc. here. The Devils Lake basin has been fee hunting for years, Oakes-Luden, Mott, mule deer in the badlands, etc. Selling public wildlife is eaiser when there is closed access. I can't imagine the amount of money Farm Bureau & Stockmen wasted on this bill. So it is dead at least until 2021.

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Not every landowner enjoys the stream of hunters asking for permission. They get lunches, dinners, tv shows, tractor repairs and everything else interrupted by hunters. They can easily lose a couple o

No, they have a treadmill mentality that crop acres, any crop acres, are better than taking the poor quality land out of production to lower costs. Taxpayers subsidize it through the farm program. At

It's DEAD!  By 4 votes. A heartfelt thank you to those who helped. Remo

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Remo has been fighting this issue for us sportsman for decades he’s a very good man. 



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Glad it's dead,  but you can bet your bottom dollar that this will come up again.  But for now we're okay.


Thanks to all of you who sent e-mail, calls, etc.  That had a positive effect on the outcome. 


And a major thanks to Dick for all his hard work, keeping us posted and all the links he provided.  He's a one man steamroller!


Thanks again all!



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