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Not every landowner enjoys the stream of hunters asking for permission. They get lunches, dinners, tv shows, tractor repairs and everything else interrupted by hunters. They can easily lose a couple o

No, they have a treadmill mentality that crop acres, any crop acres, are better than taking the poor quality land out of production to lower costs. Taxpayers subsidize it through the farm program. At

It's DEAD!  By 4 votes. A heartfelt thank you to those who helped. Remo

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Darn. When ya leave Friday after work from PA, hunting by Sunday in ND hopefully.  Driving around looking for decent places takes up most of a week already.  Home to be at work the following Monday.  ND will probably be out of our rotation if this passes. 

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On 2/19/2019 at 6:50 PM, Remo said:

We aren't licked yet.


But I am confused.


Does this Bill (if it passes in the House) now mean that a hunter will need permission to hunt on un-posted land this fall while the database will not be fully implemented until the fall of 2021/22? Or will access to un-posted land  remain the same until then?

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sharptail grouse
On 2/19/2019 at 1:28 PM, Clueless1 said:

Darn. When ya leave Friday after work from PA, hunting by Sunday in ND hopefully.  Driving around looking for decent places takes up most of a week already.  Home to be at work the following Monday.  ND will probably be out of our rotation if this passes. 



Does any other state have such lax trespass laws anymore? I would think if you hunt private land at all you would be used to it.


Good luck with the House!

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Dave, 2019 will have the same law as we do now. By 2020 at least 5 counties are supposed to have the new law. And then fully implemented by 2022. The bill is going to be amended in the House. The changes are very much up in the air. The Register of Deeds in each county is mandated by the state to supply the information. But County Commissioners can block that if they choose to. The Senate couldn't say if the idea was even doable from an IT standpoint and had no idea what it might cost because they refuse to ask experts. (Expert opinion is held in low regard by ND legislators). No ND citizen was able to see the bill language before the vote. Which was pure horseshit. I think it will be 6 weeks at least before we know what the final bill is or if it passes. ND has a one party legislature so that makes it tough too, usually they break on urban/rural split.


I think Maine and New Hampshire have the same trespass law as ND currently has.

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I find this so confusing based on my experience in ND. 20 something years ago when I first went to ND I was really uneasy about just walking onto unposted ground, being an easterner it was huge paradigm shift and did not feel right. So I drove a lot looking for what seemed like the right homes in the parcels I was interested in. While the responses I got were polite they were surprising. Many looked at me like i was an idiot, and just said yeah sure. I only had one person say no and that was because they had family coming the next day. So pretty much just carried on from there  using good sense about staying away from homes building equipment etc. As I got to hotel one night got checked by game warden, nice guy talked for a bit and told him about my experience asking permission he sort of laughed and said around there if it was posted it was very posted otherwise rarely an issue.

Ive seen some areas over the years get posted but not all that many. More were screwed up by the oil patch but those seem to be recovering now that traffic is down. The genesis of this is very confusing I would have expected if it was an issue Id see a lot more posted, perhaps its just the area I go.

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SB-2315-No Hunting/No Trespass update.


It is in the House side and will be heard 3/14 in a joint committee of Ag and Natural Resources. As far as I know this hasn't happened here before where there was a joint committee hearing. The legislators are getting pressure to kill the bill. Email info below from the ND Sportsmen's Etree:




Yesterday SB 2315 was set for a dual hearing in both the House Ag and House Energy & Natural Resources Committee. The date of these hearings is Mar. 14 at 8:30 a.m.

As amended...

1) This bill does NOTHING to prevent trespassing (a very minor problem), is more lenient on criminals, and will catch up a lot of innocent people in the process of its confusing implementation, which is not mandatory county-to-county; (https://gf.nd.gov/news/2983)

2) This bill's proposed database is putting the cart before the horse, and says nothing about the cost to sportsmen/taxpayers; though one or both will bear the cost as the sponsors and their special interests get off with paying nothing for this poorly-worded "solution" to a problem they've manufactured;

3) This bill has become solely geared to hunting, it is not private property rights bill anymore (it never was about property rights, even in its first format);

4) This bill creates a level of complexity that will deter people from hunting, which has a $2.1B economic impact in ND; (https://gf.nd.gov/…/hunter-angler-spending-2017-2018-final.…)

5) Ultimately, a study or interim proposal should be issued to examine the impacts and costs of this bill, before 90 years of good law and >1M acres of public access are thrown out for the sake of the wealthy special interest groups at the expense of hunters!

If you can make it, PLEASE SHOW UP to provide testimony and request that these committees issue a DO NOT PASS recommendation. If you cannot make it please email the committees your testimony AND FLOOD THEIR INBOXES WITH SPORTSMAN OPPOSITION TO THIS ANTI-HUNTING BILL!


House Ag: djohnson@nd.gov; wtrottier@nd.gov; gdobervich@nd.gov; jblum@nd.gov; rbuffalo@nd.gov; jayfisher@nd.gov; cheadland@nd.gov; dhkiefert@nd.gov; amcwilliams@nd.gov; dwrichter@nd.gov; blsatrom@nd.gov; cschreiberbeck@nd.gov; kskroch@nd.gov; btveit@nd.gov


House Natural Resources: tkporter@nd.gov; cdamschen@nd.gov; meidson@nd.gov; dickanderson@nd.gov; gdbosch@nd.gov; bdevlin@nd.gov; pdheinert@nd.gov; gkeiser@nd.gov; mlefor@nd.gov; amarschall@nd.gov; amitskog@nd.gov; sroersjones@nd.gov; tbjones@nd.gov; mruby@nd.gov; dzubke@nd.gov


Additionally, please email your representatives in total and request that they VOTE NO on what has become the worst possible solution to an overhyped and relatively minor problem, oversold to landowners who have been exploited by the Special Interests behind the bill.


mkadams@nd.gov;bertanderson@nd.gov; dickanderson@nd.gov; pkanderson@nd.gov; tbeadle@nd.gov; rcbecker@nd.gov; lbellew@nd.gov; jblum@nd.gov; tboe@nd.gov;gdbosch@nd.gov; jboschee@nd.gov; mbrandenburg@nd.gov; rbuffalo@nd.gov; cdamschen@nd.gov; jdelzer@nd.gov; bdevlin@nd.gov; gdobervich@nd.gov; jddockter@nd.gov; meidson@nd.gov; sertelt@nd.gov; cfegley@nd.gov; jayfisher@nd.gov; jgrueneich@nd.gov; rguggisberg@nd.gov; lbhager@nd.gov; krhanson@nd.gov; phatlestad@nd.gov; cheadland@nd.gov; pdheinert@nd.gov; rholman@nd.gov;jahoverson@nd.gov; mchowe@nd.gov; craigjohnson@nd.gov; djohnson@nd.gov; marycjohnson@nd.gov; dljohnston@nd.gov; tbjones@nd.gov; tkading@nd.gov; kkarls@nd.gov; jkasper@nd.gov;gkeiser@nd.gov; kkempenich@nd.gov; dhkiefert@nd.gov; lklemin@nd.gov; bkoppelman@nd.gov; kkoppelman@nd.gov; gkreidt@nd.gov; vrlaning@nd.gov; mlefor@nd.gov; dlongmuir@nd.gov;sclouser@nd.gov; jmagrum@nd.gov; amarschall@nd.gov; bmartinson@nd.gov; amcwilliams@nd.gov; lmeier@nd.gov; amitskog@nd.gov;crmock@nd.gov; dmonson@nd.gov; mrnathe@nd.gov; jonelson@nd.gov; menelson@nd.gov; eobrien@nd.gov; mowens@nd.gov; bpaulson@nd.gov;gpaur@nd.gov; cpollert@nd.gov; tkporter@nd.gov; bpyle@nd.gov; dwrichter@nd.gov;sroersjones@nd.gov; kmrohr@nd.gov; druby@nd.gov;mruby@nd.gov; masanford@nd.gov; blsatrom@nd.gov; mischatz@nd.gov; aschauer@nd.gov; jeschmidt@nd.gov; mschneider@nd.gov; rschobinger@nd.gov; cschreiberbeck@nd.gov; lsimons@nd.gov; kskroch@nd.gov; vsteiner@nd.gov; mstrinden@nd.gov; nptoman@nd.gov; wtrottier@nd.gov; btveit@nd.gov; smvetter@nd.gov;dwvigesaa@nd.gov; rweisz@nd.gov; gwestlind@nd.gov;dzubke@nd.gov


There will not be a do over if this bill passes.

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Thanks for the update Dick. E-mails sent and fingers crossed.  BTW, hope you stay well during our upcoming blizzard!





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The two things that legislators have on their side are time and money. They know they can drag any opposition down by bringing back the same proposals year after year and it costs them practically nothing to do it. It's the opposition that fronts all of the costs and the burden of re-alarming the public. If they can stay in office long enough, they win every time.  

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On 2/6/2019 at 6:33 PM, Remo said:



These are the same guys who put a prohibition by law on willing seller-willing buyer of land here. No one in ND can sell their private land to a conservation group, NDGF, or USFW without the approval of 3 different levels of state government, county commissioners, natural areas acquisition committee, and the ND governor. Guess who makes up the board of the  natural areas acquisition committee? And guess how many of those sales get approved? And that is just one case of state law like this, there are many.


I was always curious about this.  Since, for example, the nature conservancy pays property taxes, why would they care?

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