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Garmin GPSmap 64st

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Somebody is selling a like new one for near 1/2 price locally. I have an near 15 yr old one I rarely use but thinking the TOPO map quality must have improved big time. Use would mostly be deer & moose hunting. Anybody have this model ?

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I have the 64S that I use quite a bit.  The last season or two I've been flipping back and forth between OnX on my phone and my GPS.


GPS Pros:

- simple

- durable

-water resistant

- no delay when adding a waypoint or looking at current track

- can use with gloves on...even big warm ones.


GPS Cons:

- fussy to get air photos on (birds eye subscription is the same price as OnX)

- small screen

- requires manual property ownership updates to OnX chip


OnX via phone Pros:

- Big screen

- simple interaction

- overlays

- can plan on the computer and the routes, waypoints etc transfer automatically to phone view


OnX via phone Cons:

- phone is delicate

- does not show live tracking view.  have to wait for it to reacquire location when you unlock the phone so waypoints are slow to add.

- phone screen is terrible in full daylight.

- can't use with warm gloves on very well (assuming you even have gloves with the special fingertip in them)

- property ownership info not available when in airplane mode using cached map

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