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GPS for vehicle travel of preplanned routes

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I have been working hard to eliminate GPS misadventures from my cross country travel.


The issues I have are:

  • Phones dropping verbal turn notices because some other app put up notices.
  • Route changes without notice due to any number of things like traffic or faster route available.
  • GPS completely changing per-planned route due to loss of signal.... This is especially bad with phone based GPS
  • If you log in a long distance destination GPS will take you to the city centers of every city on the route even thou there are well thought out by passes for major cities.
  • OEM vehicle GPS is usually so outdated that they are ridiculous.  Tom Tom provides for GM, Ford, Toyota, Dodge and a number of others so one unit seems as bad as the other.


I am thinking about a stand alone GPS unit that that has a route planning feature like the units that cater to over the road truck drivers. Does anyone have suggestions or experience.


I try to plan my route ahead of time and have my motels and stops planned out, It is very frustrating to have the GPS decide on major detours without notice or simply

not let you reject route changes.



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