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great deal on an alpha

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I overall have not been a fan of the change from Gander Mountain to Gander Outdoors. There are numerous reasons behind this that I wont go into here, but I still go there as there is one 10 minutes from my house and the next closest sporting goods store it quite a drive. I was sitting around yesterday and shopping for the best price for an alpha online and then it occurred to me that whenever I go to gander they push the "good sam club" so heavily that it must be a big part of their incentive program. So I decided to test my negotiation skills and got in my truck. 


Got to a dept manager and stated my case that I wanted that collar, I would buy it with a membership and would only do it if I got the best price I could. After a longish negotiation got the alpha for $696 and the membership for $29. $725 plus tax out the door on a new alpha. 

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