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Name that snake

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4 hours ago, Spin said:

Yep I apologize,  I don't know why but I was picturing it as being heavier bodied and without the white under side of the jaw running up onto the tip of the nose.

I'd be better off actually looking directly at the picture of the critter in question before opening my mouth. I'll lean one of these days. Any how here's a good  image


Blue Racer

Blue Racer (Coluber constrictor foxil) found in northern two-thirds of the state.
Blue Racer (Coluber constrictor foxil) found in northern two-thirds of the state. | Source

That is a super blue Blue Racer. Our local ones are a lot more gray-blue.

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It's amazing to me how some very competent woodsmen are terrified of snakes.  A lot of it is socialization.  I was in a back swamp in Louisiana with a really great guide and I reached down in the swam

Ones a belt the other a hat band 

I think the first one is Improved cylinder, the second may be modified or improved modified.

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