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Let’s see the trail cam pictures 2019

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5 hours ago, dgfavor said:

The boys are back:






Keepin' the cams rollin' - 




The guzzler/trail cam locations on my place, red arrows - maddening that it looks so open and those dudes are so, so hard to find...in daylight:



That is a beautiful place!

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I’m getting pretty pumped about these bulls.  I have a bull permit for the first time after applying for five years.  I’ve always had bulls within shooting range hope that trend continues.  If I get o

Looks like a moose was using my outhouse up at camp.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Mudded up...feeling handsome:



Anyone else irritated by that bush on the right side of the picture...surely it's not just me??



Aaaah, I agree buddy, get it!





Incoming!  Nice 5x...or is he?



Make him a 6x:




Hot chicks:






Sure not seeing much for bucks on camera this year...nothing of any size.  Deer in general seem down.:




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WI Outdoor Nut

.Couple of recent photos.  Love when they lock horns.  Have had a lot of fights right in front of the camera this past week. 



2019-10-4 orchard iii.JPG

2019-10-4 orchard iv.JPG

2019-10-4 Orchard.JPG

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  • 2 weeks later...

I pulled a card a little while ago and this pic was there. Day before opening day at 7:35 in the evening walking past post lamp not 10 yrds off the front porch. I remember an old picture on a calendar of a hunting camp with windows a glow and smoke coming out of the chimney with folks inside when outside there is a big buck & doe. 



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Pretty sure this is the same buck.  Different cameras and a couple of weeks apart.  Two different snow storms.



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WI Outdoor Nut

I have the cameras out for the deer, but lot watching what else is happening while I am away.  This squirrel is running for its life!  And a good "cat fight". 

2019-11-23 machinery.JPG

2019-11-19 machinery.JPG

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Sadly the cameras are down for another year.  Happily I'm back in Florida for the winter.

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1 hour ago, Big Al said:

Sadly the cameras are down for another year.  Happily I'm back in Florida for the winter.


Might need some cams for the “Florida Man” 

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This is a March 2020 pic

trying to figure out what this is. Camera has been soaking for a few months. Date is accurate and is taken on the WI/UP border.  


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