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Let’s see the trail cam pictures 2019

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9 hours ago, UplandHntr said:

This is a March 2020 pic

trying to figure out what this is. Camera has been soaking for a few months. Date is accurate and is taken on the WI/UP border.  


Definitely a snow monkey. 

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I’m getting pretty pumped about these bulls.  I have a bull permit for the first time after applying for five years.  I’ve always had bulls within shooting range hope that trend continues.  If I get o

Looks like a moose was using my outhouse up at camp.

Posted Images

Visitors to the feeder on my property in the Hill Country of Texas are getting more interesting. I told my SIL to shoot that buck if he can but i get to keep the skull.

buck and axis.jpg

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Man, started off the trail cam season gangbusters with some nice bucks and bulls...got me all excited.  Around first of September the bucks all disappeared, around first of October the elk all disappeared.  The motherload of does and fawns persisted as well as some wandering hungarians, magpies, a few meadowlarks, and an acrobatic chipmunk.  I got thousands of pictures but really did not get much to post pictures of.  I thought making a "flipbook" of all of the shots I got in the last couple weeks starting with filling this guzzler one last time and ending with me going up hill last afternoon of deer hunt might be a good way to kill a Sunday evening.  The eagle eyed will spot a busy, busy chipmunk:


Here are a few individuals to post:

This is a bull on my other guzzler cam - got him several times right up to opening day archery season...then he gone:



I put those rocks there to hopefully post up birds for good shots, which they do, but mostly I got this little acrobatic chipmunk over and over and over and over - look close:



Biggest buck in the basin!:



Just in from Hungary:



This is what happens when there are no bucks around!:



Pretty much sums up the deer season:



Actually it was awesome, we had our chances.  I am re-loading the camera batteries and will continue to record as mule deer rutting will get going here pretty soon.  Usually brings in the big boys, we'll see!




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7 hours ago, dgfavor said:

Just realized we got the 2019 Trail Cam Thread going again instead of the 2020 thread...

Yup the 2020 Trail Cam Topic is further down page 1.

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