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Posting on a public forum a specific spot, particular area, or town, or photos with signs, or obvious and recognizable landmarks describing and depicting a bird hunting area.



Please don't do this. Please don’t mention specific areas you plan to hunt, are hunting, or have hunted . Please USE THE PERSONAL MESSAGE FUNCTION provided to all Registered Members if interested in providing information or inquiring about hunting areas.


UJ is largely a Public Board with a large amount of Guests or “Lurkers”.


This is the time of year when Members are seeking info and advice on hunting areas for upcoming hunting trips. Broad generalities, states, even large regions are fine. I know that's nebulous but it's the best I can do.


I've been drop kicked to the curb over the years over this, and the UJ Board dragged through the mud for being a Hotspotting Board, and I have had my fill. 


Any Topic or Reply that's provided too many specifics in the Posts will be edited or removed. If anyone suspects or sees Hotspotting PLEASE click the Report link in drop down menu at top right of the Post field. It's impossible for me to catch everything.


My goal has always been for UJ to be a resource for Upland Bird Hunters, but being largely a public Board we have a load of Guest or Lurkers on Board at any given time. Again offering advice to any individual concerning hunting areas can be done via Personal Message. Click envelope icon on upper right of UJ page, type in the User Name etc. Or click on anyone's User Name and their is a Message button on their Profile.


Thank you.

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Hotspotting on Board has been minimal this Fall and last (2019/2020/2021). I appreciate that. If Members read the Post above they will understand why this is important. Hunt Reports can be made and are an important element to the Board but can be crafted without mention of specifics. Some may and can roll their eyes, but they haven't dealt with the relative hassle I have to deal with over this. Even though this is highly regional I have to be fair across the US/Canada.


PLEASE CONTACT ME via Report Post function or Personal Message if you see or suspect Hotspotting.


PLEASE DO NOT take it upon yourself to call out a Member on a Topic and BLOW it up...


and PLEASE DO NOT send other Members harassing Messages. That DOESNT help and may lead to having Board Privileges revoked.


Thank You,

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