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Lighting is scary.  I deal with it a lot when fishing, especially tournaments.  I actually run 3 different apps to keep track of how close the strikes are.  FWIW, "My lighting tracker" is the best app.  I can set up a notice at what ever distance I set.  I think I have it at 10 miles away, which is usually enough time to get me to safety.


Last year prior to any lighting the electrical field was so bad we were getting shocks in the boat.  If you casted, the line just stayed in the air.  We got out of there, and then all hell broke lose. 

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Not sure how I missed this thread until now. Thank goodness Doug, that you and Lillian made it out ok. A good friend of mine lost his younger son to a lightning strike a few years ago. 


Sitting on a horse when there is lightning anywhere around is a very uncomfortable feeling. I have made haste back to the trailer a few times but never had anything as scary as your experience.

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