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Tacoma question

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Cold Iron
13 hours ago, Dave Erickson said:

Cold Iron, your rig looks good, especially with that badass bumper thingy. 


Thanks Dave, it saved my front bumper a few years ago when a lady in front of me was flooring it when we were below zero for weeks with snow on the road and it turned to ice. She hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes when it broke free. I seen what she was doing and backed up as far as I could but she still slammed into me. Paid for itself then.


Sunday we are shooting where you ran the course last time with that repeater of yours. And that Crazy Setter guy also with his ugly black SBE II. Got a 9 oz. mag cap weight for the 1997 first year Benelli Sport that I inherited 9 years ago when my FIL passed away. Massive heart attack shooting triples at Rock Mountain in Eastern Pa. and he was dead before he hit the ground. Time to honor him and looking forward to shooting it, have to admit that despite all the SxS guns we shoot and  O/U's seems like we shoot those damn repeater single barrels guns best of all when the money is on the line. Just saying...


Hope you can make it Sunday! Week and a half Jon and I will be in search of the ruff on the North Shore. And 2 weeks in Mid Oct. I need to be retired like the rest of you all and make a career of hunting and shooting 🙂


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Dave Erickson

If the monsoon is over by then I'll be there with my duck gun again (for one round). I'll also bring a SxS, maybe the Fox. Our duck hunting opens the following Saturday and there's going to be plenty of water in the bottoms. Uff da!

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