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Why is someone buying grouse tails?

erik meade

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On 9/21/2019 at 1:11 PM, Dave in Maine said:

Tails aren't really that good for flytying.  The web isn't "right" for making cut wings - they'll collapse - you can't marry them worth a darn (and the fibers are too short for proper salmon flies) and they don't make good wingcases on nymphs, either.  You want the hackles, and some of the body feathers.  Actually, I prefer Hungarian partridge body feathers for soft-hackles as do many tyers.  The patterning is more defined.  Ruffed grouse body feathers - off the back -  kinda just turn brown in the water, and the flank and breast feathers have fibers that are too long for the average trout fly.

If men still wore formal hats - the kind with hatbands and a couple small feathers in the hatband - the black ruff feathers (instead of dyed chicken feathers) would be a nice secret code signal to other grouse hunters that You Are One Of The Brethren.  Team a ruff feather or two with a golden pheasant tippet or a jungle cock eye (or both) and it would be clear you're also a flyrodder, and probably hunt with a sxs, 16 ga or imported English.

I would suspect it's for some kind of art project.

Look up Breadcrust Nymph.

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