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Thunder Bay

Short Class A DP Motorhome + Toad Preference

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Thunder Bay

We currently have a Class B (Winnebago Travato) motorhome and really like it but it has a couple of major limitations (can only hunt certain areas due to limited ground clearance and lack of 4x4, good for short duration outings but really tightly congested for longer snowbird adventures, etc.) for us on how we want to use it.


I’ve read several other members adventures with their Class A Diesel Pushers and associated towed vehicles.  Do you have any advice for a short (28 - 35 ft) Class A DP and Toad (have seen many Jeep Wranglers,  etc.)?  


We’re currently researching the Tiffin Allegro Breeze and toads like Ford Escapes, etc.  After a couple incidents of very strong crosswinds on bridges, would like something that is very stable and safe. We haven’t made a decision yet and wanted to hear some additional feedback from the group that already has experience in this area.


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