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College Football: How's your team doing?

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I'll start it off.


My Michigan State Spartans are off to a decent but very twitchy offensive start at 3-1, but at 1-0 in the Big 10.  Defense is excellent.  Away games at both Ohio State and Wisconsin in the next few weeks uh oh look out.  Could easily be 4-3 by then.


Aside: I predicted when Michigan hired Harbaugh 4 years ago he'd be 5 years and out.  I'm sticking with it.  He'll be back in the NFL next year.  With one team for maybe 4 years tops, then onto another and another etc etc.  Given his huge salary, expectations, and results thus far, quite possibly the biggest flop ever.  What a shame.



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My home team, CU Buffs are 3-1, but the cardiac kids are 1-1 in OT games already. A step up from a couple years ago, but not quite to the McCartney level yet.


My Alma Mater, Wichita State, is undefeated yet again - a nearly 50 year streak!

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35 minutes ago, Skybuster said:

Kicking butt! Go Badgers!


I'll say.  They look formidable.  Tossed Michigan in the dumpster.

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You may have seen my Pitt Panthers on TV this week 👍


2-2 but I believe they have finally turned a corner in the program and are headed towards good things. 


(Dogwood, thank you for Narduzzi too!)

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Penn Stater here. They always start off with some pretty weak opponents so they are 3-0 but have not been real impressive in their wins.  Although the did beat Pitt (17-10) who went on the next week and beat UCF, so Pitt must be decent.  The real season starts this week with 9 Big 10 teams in a row including Maryland, Iowa, OSU and MSU.  


  They are very young with a bunch of sophomores.  I would love to be surprised this year but I don't think that they can win their division let alone the Big 10 Conference, probably OSU or Wisconsin.   Because of their youth, PSU should be a strong contender for the next couple of years.


   There is a lot of murmuring about Coach Franklin but I'd like to see him around for at least another year or two and see how he does with the talent that is coming up. 



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Im a College football junkie, not gambling or anything, just watching.  

Huge fan of the Big 10. 


I have recently become extremely bored with the whole NCAA D1 Scene though.  I'm exhausted by Alabama.  I get it, they are good, they have a formula that works and a coach that can execute it. But snooze fest!   The whole reason to watch and follow and speculate is because you don't know whats going to happen.  With a dominate team like that its just so, so boring. 



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My team’s doing great. Been undefeated since last season and working on it for this season. Keep playing like they have , get a lot of 2nd and 3rd stringers in to get experience and everyone stay healthy for the playoff.  

Gooo Tigers.  

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Harbaugh is a jackass- so is his brother here in Baltimore. And I say that as a Ravens fan. 


I am curious how MD will fare against the Big10 this year. 


I am a VT grad, we are going in the wrong direction. 

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