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Tim Frazier

Power Stroke 6.0L V8 DI 32V OHV Turbodiesel

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On 10/10/2019 at 11:09 PM, Cheesy said:

I agree. High in price. 


Bro in laws is the white one. Mine is green. Both have right at 170,000 miles on them. His is mostly a stock trailer pulling farm truck. Mine is primarily a pavement princess.




His is basically all stock.


Mine has been de-6.0’d for the most part. Studs, egr delete, blue spring update, etc. Havent  done the remote oil cooler. I bought it for $20k with 46k miles on it, knew the issues, and knew the cost for repairs. I did all the work at 100,000 miles. Zero issues since then. 


If you buy one, have a monitor for checking coolant versus oil temperature. If it gets more than 15 degrees difference its indication oil cooler is plugging up. Which will end up causing head bolts to stretch and loose your headgaskets. All this is tested when coolant is at operating temperature (good thermostat) running 65 mph on level ground not under load. 


Another test is load it up with a trailer. Pull a large hill under load and then see if you have any coolant blowing out the overflow reservoir cap. 

If the oil cooler is plugging up, which is due to the precipitates falling out of the GO5 coolant, the EGR cooler will be starved of coolant and will fail.  This is assuming the truck is stock.

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