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FRONT RANGE GUN DOG has renewed their UJ sponsorship

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Front Range Gun Dog website


 UJ Ad Sponsor-Front Range Gun Dog, Gun Dog Supplies for the Hunter and Trainer has renewed their UJ Sponsorship for another 6 months.


Their Ad is in the rotation of Banner Ads at the top and bottom of UJ pages. Banner ads change upon page refresh, page change etc. When you see their ad click it now and again, and check out their product line. It is impressive and their ordering and customer service is excellent.


Like most all of our UJ Ad Sponsors FRGD (located in Colorado) originally contacted me to advertise and market on Upland Journal. They (UJ Member Dogmountain) apparently still likes what he sees here and has chosen to continue to support this Discussion Community. They deserve to be supported as well by the Membership, and to be considered for our bird hunting dog supplies and gear.


UNDERSTAND. I could  inundate UJ with all current ads and loads more in every nook and cranny of the Board to the point of annoyance and distraction...like many other websites and Boards and social media Groups. I choose not to do that because the positive Board experience by Members is important to me. Regardless, Ads on Boards don't typically get clicked very often. Little enough that some past UJ Sponsors have chosen not to renew because their clicks and data didn't show enough activity to their IT people. Those Sponsors typically weren't Members, and couldn't grasp that the value of mention on the Forums can't be quantified. AND I do give Ad Sponsor Members more rope to do some modest marketing on the Forums. They deserve that. If anyone has an issue with that contact me, not the Ad Sponsor Please.


Thank you Dogmountain and FRGD for supporting this Discussion Community. Ad Sponsors are an important element in keeping this Board online.

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27 minutes ago, vabirddog said:

I had a recent purchase with them and service and communication was excellent. 

Same here, very good experience for me.

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😀Much appreciated 👍.  We are honored to be part of such a strong community of bird hunters.




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Had a recent purchase. Good communications & updates on order.

Would do business there again!


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