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Alpha 100 lock screen alert

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When carrying Alpha 100 in coat or vest pocket, (have watch), the screen kept changing to places unwanted.  So, I engaged the screen lock.  Solved problem #1.  Created #2--screen lock alert sounds every time it gets bumped or brushed.  Annoying, as is continual and only way of knowing what is going on is to pull it out and see what alarm is sounding, point, range, etc.   Defeats the reason for the watch.  Only way Garmin says to avoid is to turn off ALL alerts.   Not an option.


Haven't located an acceptable case that may solve the problem.  


Anyone else encounter the issue and have a solution?




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27 minutes ago, Ridge Runner said:

Any specific holder recommended?

This is what I use. It works well but brush will still change your screen sometimes. 




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Thanks.  Thought the higher ridge may help, but nice to know before spending the $$$.  Have a bunch of different dog stuff I have purchased over the years that were disappointments, mostly before visiting this site.


Had another private reply stating they had received a free case with an Astro purchase years ago from a well known Pennsylvania Gun Dog Supply business that had a clear plastic screen incorporated into the holster design.  And, that the Alpha did fit into the case, as was totally functional.  But, the fit was tight, and that kept the clear screen stretched some distance off of the Alpha touch screen and seemed to prevent accidental input as it took a slight effort in pressing with a single thru the screen to make desired changes.   


Gotta love this site.

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