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What makes a 4 Season rated camper?????

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My hunting buddy has a regular three-season trailer that he modified to become a pretty good cold weather set up.


Heating pads (proper ones) on the bottoms of all three tanks for times when they are needed, insulated all pipes and he made a connection between the cold and hot water lines that can be used to re-circulate the hot water to keep it the lines from freezing. You isolate the hot line with the taps he installed when you just want hot water. He was able to keep everything from freezing and workable last week in the state (which gets cold and windy and is very close to Montana and the big country full of hosers just to the north) where we hunt pheasants.  

Next year he plans to skirt the trailer with something...the farmer whose land we  camp on makes some small straw bales for his neighbor so that would be one possibility if necessary.

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I am taking my TT out deer hunting next week. It isn't a 4 season one, has been winterized so it will be a warm, dry place to live.

Temps forecast to be around -15 C at night. 

On the positive side, the farm where we are camping said I can plug into their hydro, the furnace runs off either hydro or propane.

Will use propane to cook only so it should last the 4-5 days we are away.

I had wanted a 4 season unit but wasn't able to acquire one.

Should be interesting, leaving Tuesday AM.


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