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Northwoods Maine Report

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Well I just came back from the annual trip to the Northwoods and I must report it was "decent". Not our best year and definitely not our worst. The weather has been warm and the grouse are still eating bugs and haven't come to the roads yet. Didn't see 1 bird on the road the entire time we were there. We moved a lot of woodcock but mostly resident birds as the locals told me the flight has not come yet. The trees still had a lot of foliage as well. The dogs were on the on ground 7 days total and got quite a workout. I think in total we ended up with 9 grouse and 33 woodcock and left many more out there for the next guys. This trip, although about finding birds and making shots is just as much about the camaraderie with great people and great dogs. My 1 year old EB got her first grouse point and retrieve and received a crash course training session she could never had got at home. I will send some pics to follow PM me if you want and specific details .  

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The recent serious wind and rain storm across Maine knocked a LOAD of leaves off. It looks a lot like mid November in many areas right now.

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