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Maine Deer Season. Already? Holy Moly....

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I have been bow hunting, grouse hunting and duck hunting since the opener, but I totally am amazed that youth deer firearms day is only 5 days away on Oct 26? 

I have'nt even thought of it.....this is a sobering PSA for you......at least it is for me....Bull Moose season just ended two days ago....yikes....


Is this why Jimmy Buffet says "Years grow shorter, not longer
The more you've been on your own
Feelin's for movin' grow stronger
So you wonder why you ever go home
Wonder why you ever go home"


I guess it is now already time in the next few days or so, to go upta grouse camp, and set up a tent with a wood burning stove since Opening Deer Day is Nov 2 and convert er' over to deer camp.....it was just summer.....


I'm seriously blown away......does this mean I am dying?

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