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Annual 2019/2020 Weather Check Topic

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Rained and stormed all weekend.  It's blue sky and 72 deg this morning, the back yard is green, even when looking through the porch screen.  But the local golf courses are all still cpo.   



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If we ever had any weather I couldn't hand with the snowblower, I have an Ace in the hole.

-17 this morning and calling for -20 tonight. And being the caring husband I am I will go start the wife’s car to warm it up 20 minutes before she leaves for work. 😉

65F here in Western South Dakota today, I can't remember the last time I went for a motorcycle ride in February. I rode about 100 miles stopped for lunch and finished up with this great piece of

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Natty Bumpo

BIG THUNDER AND LIGHTNING  here this afternoon. Supposed to last for a couple of hours. Real Feel temp was 98F before this started. Summer is here.

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Broke a record high today, got up to 92.  2 weeks ago it was snowing and had whiteout conditions. 

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walt lister

*105 today. *108 tomorrow.

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