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Who loves their job?

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Well...I do have a boss, that gives me things to do, hands me a few bucks every couple of weeks....so kind'a like a job...no?

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I think the trick to contentment is not to be defined by what you do for a living. If what you do is who you are, your not going to be very happy when you retire.  Do your job, take the money, go home

Work is a four letter word.  Some of you guys have watched me post on this board for 15 years or more, I'm a ruffed grouse honk and not apologetic about it one bit.  I just left a job at the

I will advise my children to stay away from corporate america.  It is soul sucking, and takes from you much more than it gives.  While I am good at this, its not something that "means" anything in a b

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On 1/9/2020 at 11:09 AM, Greg Hartman said:

I can say that I have always loved my "job" (more of a lifestyle than a job, actually, because I did and do still both work AND play all the time).  It's intellectually challenging and different every day.  Winning a hard fought battle or putting together a really great deal for a client is a rush.  The fact that I'm still working at nearly 74 years old says a lot.


That said, I could not work "for" anyone - that would not be good for my "boss" or for me.  My time in the Army taught me to loathe and bite back at anyone seeking to have authority over me and to simply not accept that situation.  But, I was always the "boss" for all the years I worked full-time, so a non-issue.  Now that I'm a lowly part-time employee of the firm I founded and my former protégé is my "boss", I still do, dress, come and go, etc., exactly as I please, when and how I please, so the "boss" thing doesn't bother me.  I figure that if they don't like what I am doing they can fire me.  Instead, they keep my name first on the wall and keep giving me perks to keep me from retiring, even though I show up in jeans and boots.


The only thing I didn't like about my career is that I was the only lawyer in the local area doing complex M&A and tax work (previously, people had to go to NYC or Phila to get that kind of counsel), so very quickly after I hung my shingle, I had far more work to do than I could do; and work in specialty areas that I didn't know.   So, I had to hire other lawyers (and, of course their support staff) to help me out.  They were good lawyers and before too long, they were swamped with work and needed help, too.  Pretty soon, I found myself the unintended "managing partner" of a fair sized (for this area) law firm, worrying about everything to making payroll for all the employees, to making sure we had enough paper clips, to hiring and firing, to resolving cat fights (managing good lawyers is truly like herding cats), etc.  One of the best things I ever did early on was hiring a Wharton MBA as a firm administrator, which took a lot of that off me, but too much still remained.  I was never trained in management, never liked it and wasn't especially good at it - just had no choice but to do it at the expense of time to actually practice law, something I thought I was fairly good at.  When my wife began to need full care back in 2008, I resigned as a partner and became a part-time employee.  I was VERY glad to be shed of the management and to be able to just practice law.


Nancy is retiring at the end of this month and she's much younger than me.  Lately, I have been giving serious thoughts to fully retiring as I am gradually enjoying my work less - just getting tired of it; and gradually getting more annoyed on the admittedly rare occasions when work gets in the way of things I want to do.  Maybe by this time next year, I'll actually retire and let my license go.  May drop my positions as president of some charities, too (except the gun club presidency) - after all the years of doing that stuff, I feel I've served my time for the community and being done would feel good.



I, for one, wish you the best Greg. IMO, you are extremely good at what you do, as is your protege. Down to earth, don't talk over people's heads, and make things very understandable, during a very confusing time. My family sincerely thanks you. 

Hope you and Nancy enjoy yourselves!


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