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Favorite Junk Food?

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With football playoffs upon I thought it might make for an informative topic.


  Must be prepackaged and loaded with health-forsaken ingredients to qualify!


Some of mine in no particular order:


Spicey pork rinds


Cheddar Cheese popcorn get out of my way!


Spicey Beer Nuts Snack mix oink oink


Slim Jims !

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Plain thin extra crispy tortilla chips with queso blanc loaded up with chorizo!    Ay chihuahua!

A little bacon and some extra chunky blue cheese dressing!

I just went through a box of white cheddar Cheez Its in two days. JoAnn was out of town visiting her parents...      

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Any potato chip with canned Frito Lay Jalapeno cheese dip

Jalapeno potato chips

Sardines with mustard or hot sauce

Vienna Sausage

Canned Smoked Oysters

Hot pickles 

Potted Meat


I take no mercy on my "inards".


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Im a sucker for anything "jalapeño...the Combos are ridiculously good and addictive. 





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Cheese popcorn for sure, get it from a local "Marathon Ventures" store along with spiced peanuts.






(just kidding), it's popcorn and peanuts for me.


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Potato Chips, no flavors, salted, regular, ridged or kettle cooked.




Frito's "Scoops" are pretty good too.  And hard pretzels.


Does canned hash for breakfast count?


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2 hours ago, SxSetter said:

Don't know if these are a local phenomenon, but you can't eat just one.....




My kryptonite...

I always get a bag of chocolate covered almonds from Picards in my stocking. They don’t see the new year. 

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