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Trouble with my Astro

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I have been having trouble getting my Astro to connect and stay connected with one of the T5 collars. The other one seem to work but then on Friday one of the T5 minis started doing the same thing.  It connects and then a few minutes later it says it has lost the signal. I tried the updates with the computer,(both collars and handheld said they were up to date).  I tried a hard reset on the collar and left it outside for 20 minutes and nothing seemed to work.  I could usually shut the collar and the Astro off, restart them and they would work but on Saturday they wouldn’t connect.  I finally remove both collars from the Astro and reinstalled them and they kind of worked.  Of course, Garmin customer service wasn’t available so I googled the problem which led me to Gun Dog Supplies website where it explained how to do a hard reset on the Astro.  I followed the instructions, did a hard reset on the Astro and both collars and left them outside turned on for 30 minutes.  I had to reinstall all of the collars and lost all of the data I had in the Astro but it seemed to work yesterday.  All three paired up quickly and stayed connected for a three hour hunt.

I have my fingers crossed this will work.  It reminds me of a saying an old fire chief told me once, “todays luxury becomes tomorrow’s necessity”. There is a lot of truth in that statement!

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