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2020 Chippewa Valley Ruffed Grouse Society Banquet

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2020 Chippewa Valley Ruffed Grouse Society Banquet
February 20th, 2020, Florian Gardens, Eau Claire, WI
Since we shook things up and moved the banquet from May to February, we decided it was a good time to shake up the rest of the banquet as well!

We're going to have four games, rather than one or two, and we're introducing the $1,000 $2,000+  Leap Year Mystery Raffle.

What's in the Mystery Raffle? We don't know yet, but there'll be at least one gun, and and enough other stuff to keep the winner busy for most of the year. We're going with a "Leap Year" theme, because...it's a leap year, we all get an extra day...and this year the extra day falles on a Saturday?  The items in the Leap Year Mystery Raffle are all things that the lucky winner can do on their extra day.

Our other games will be...

Shotgun Shell Raffle: 144 opportunities to win multiple tickets, with a gun worth at least $1,000 as the top prize!

High-Low: We've played this in the past, it's a chance to bet on the cards to win up to 50 raffle tickets to win a new gun, and other prizes.

Yahtzee: We'll keep this the same as in the past, because it's a popular game...but the Chippewa Valley RGS crew has come up with a couple more ways to win. Can't quite get that 5-of-a-kind? Buy an extra roll! Can't get anything to come up? Pick the "choice" bucket.

Blackstone Grill game: Just how good are you at flipping a burger onto a hot grill? We've got a game that'll test that, and let you prove to your buddies that you're better at it than they are. Winner takes home the grill, and the consolation prize is a pretty nice shotgun!

We're hoping to fill Florian Gardens this year, so that we need to ask for more space next year, help us get there!

We're happy to announce that Scheel's Eau Claire is joining us as a sponsor and gun supplier. We're letting them tell us what guns are hot right now, and they will add the choice to redeem any prizes the club buys from them for credit for anything else you may want to trade up for. It's a great opportunity to get a gun, or credit towards the gun of your dreams!
Reach me through a PM here if you are interested in attending, I will get you an invitation as soon as I can.
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