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Air compressor for the truck

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37 minutes ago, Greg Hartman said:

This is an interesting thread.  My two/seater does not carry a spare to save weight.  It came with a can of fix-a-flat type stuff and a small air compressor.  I’ve used it for years to keep all the vehicle tires properly inflated; and when we go to Okracoke, I use it to reinflate the truck tires after driving on the beach.  Takes a while, but works.


I run the big motorhome tires at 105 psi.  What kind of compressor would I need for those?

Home Depot has both 12 v and 120 v small handy “inflators” by their husky brand they are rated to 130 psi




Ive put 85 psi in my camper van tires with it and it probably weighs about 5 lbs 


campbell hausfield makes on also and Home Depot sells them


I like Home Depot because they are everywhere and stand behind their stuff

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52 minutes ago, Jim Vander said:

Curt could you post the model number?


Jim,  it's the model 300P ViAir

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I have heard good things about ViAir units.


I keep a smaller typical unit in the big Ram primarily for trailer tires which are relatively low psi....30-45psi.  If I tried to get my Ram's tires to the 80psi they need cold......it wouldn't get any higher than maybe 60psi and it would flame out.......

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