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400 yard shots

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16 minutes ago, Samuel Hoggson said:

Jacking deer could be sport hunting, though, for the definition's lack of legal or ethical considerations.  Dunno.  Maybe I'm equating "sport" with "sporting"?


"accomplishing a goal under a set of rules".  Those rules could be legal and or rules of "fair chase" or whatever else people come up with.  I would have preferred we came up with a whole new word to describe modern "sport hunting", a word that didn't include "hunt" in it so that the distinction would have been clear.  But unfortunately the word "hunt" has been bastardized over that last couple hundred years and when the laymen hears the word they think of a strangely dressed guy going out and killing things for fun.  Strange if you think about it.  Now we don't have a word universally understood that names our most basic and longest standing link to the natural world.  

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I find there is more accomplishment with a 15 yard shot then a 400 yard every day of the year.  At 400 yards, an animal is just a living target.  

To me the "sporting" element of the hunt lies within the range of an animal's senses. There's always an acceptable distance that an aware animal could/should have recognized danger. Shooting within th

Ethics (as opposed to legality) are a personal thing. I find as I get older, that ethics have become more of a factor in the way that I hunt - indeed, in the way I live my life.    I try try

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Samuel Hoggson
29 minutes ago, grouse28 said:

As a former rat hunter, I would consider that sport hunting. They were very skittish and needed to be stalked in the barn.

We did let them lay were shot to come back an hour later and shoot others feeding off their bodies. In retrospect maybe that aspect was not sport hunting but could have been considered baiting. Fun nonetheless for blood thirsty teens.



As long as you don't tell me you eat the things..........🤐 


We shoot them inside and outside the barns.  CCI 710 fps segmented HPs. 


Killing them eating their own is a bonus.  Other night we got a cannibal just seconds after killing the first. 


Did this stuff as a teenager, but using night vision is pretty good, even at age 65. 

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Not odd to me but I hunt in northern Minnesota. We do hunt around a lot of bogs so the occasional long shot presents itself every so often. I shoot rifles a lot in the off season and am lucky to have a decent range 10 minutes from my house and I have access to shoot out to a smidge over 1,000 yards on a friends property. When it comes to killing deer, I limit myself to 300 yards. I would say the majority of the deer I've shot have been within 75 yards but ive killed a handful from 200-300.

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