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Big hunt tomorrow


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The devastation that groundhogs can do to a veg garden has been mentioned above.  And its true, in a day or two they can wreck havoc.  When growing up we always grew a watermelon patch down in the creek bottom with about 20 hills each year.  The Ozarks teemed with groundhogs back then (few coyotes, lots of habitat) so they pilfered the watermelon patch at every opportunity.  Solution?  Find the den hole (There is usually a second escape hole nearby dug from underneath so no pile of dirt near the entrance, so watch it also).  Fill two or tree large trash containers with water (we used cream cans back in the day) and pour the water into the den hole rapidly, so that it fills the hole to overflowing.  Groundhogs can't hold their breath for long--they will come popping to the surface.  The head makes a good round target for a K-22 at about five feet, with a very safe background.  Have removed many, many groundhogs from places they weren't appreciated using this method.  Never did try to get on with the local golf course--probably a mistake on my part, as this method is far less damaging than dynamite.  This was not catch and release, as we liked our watermelons (and peanuts, and black eyed peas, and . . . . . . . . .


We also shot them for sport and food (young ones) with .22s and 243s when they weren't in the garden patch.

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Kidding aside groundhogs can be very tenacious of life. I’ve seen some make it back to the hole that had severely mortal wounds. I always told my buddy if they were as big as a bear  you’d need a bazooka to kill one. With a .22 a head shot is paramount or he will most likely get back to the hole. Also are you sure there is only one. I’ve killed multiple chucks from the same hole.


A side note. Dried groundhog hide cut into strips makes almost indestructible boot laces. 

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