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My 2020 season. (Updated))

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Had a great opener yesterday in the SEK, I have Been watching this bird for a couple of mornings always in the same field by himself,  Lucked out and gained permission on Tuesday afternoon.  The morning was pretty uneventful had a single gobble to the North about a 1/2 mi. away everything else was S. of me on a different property with a county road between us. I would call every now and then just to let those toms know I was still around.  At 9:00 I had a bird gobble 200 yds behind me, still not sure exactly where it came from 5 minutes later he was flopping at 35 yds.  

Now I am looking at the weather and trying to pick a couple of days to head to western Kansas for the second tag.   Oklahoma and Wisconsin are still a possibility this season depending on CV-19. 



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Wes Stueber



I was SUPPOSED to be out in your fine State, but due to the Covid-19, I had to turn in my two KS n/r turkey permits this spring.  They are to even reimburse me for my n/r 2020 hunting license!  This is the first time in many years, I've not been in Kansas in the spring time and I miss it already!  (The fishing was always good, too!)


Good luck on your 2nd turkey permit!  Congrats on your 1st bird - you did well...!  Thanks for the story.



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Ok time for an update. I had planned on heading west last week but work and weather conspired against me. This week the weather was to be ok not great but workable. Well let me say my weather guy is a non-hunter at the very least , may be a full blown anti. 

Tuesday I had enough of second guessing and jumped in, left the house at 2:30 am and hit the ground running after the 3.5 hr trip.  First WIHA looked great but other than pheasants crowing and quail whistles  nothing was happening. 

Second spot had a strutter just off property with a hen.  He would answer me but timber was limited and I just didn’t have faith he would come. I did find a shed .



The third Wiha looked great a big riparian, alfalfa and corn stubble in the fields and prairie.



the weather deteriorated quickly while there rained for a bit and then the wind howled 20 sustained gust to 35.


I did find sign of hunters and turks but no gobbles heard.




From afar I watched a gobbler and 4 jakes hug the roost at fly up. Weather forecast for today was worse than expected gust over 50, it looked like a window of the first 30 minutes of the day was my best bet. 

I was there earlier than necessary but the tom pitched on the other side of the creek. I broke out the boxcall and The  jakes committed and I was satisfied!



The season continues in Wisconsin on May 13. 


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Just returned home from the Driftless area of Wisconsin, the weather was not the greatest but I managed to fill two tags.  I really like the hardwood hills and chasing these educated easterns.  One of these years I am going to get to flyfish some of the local trout streams but the birds have a big pull on me and I can’t seem to let that go when the season is on and I have tags.


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Couple of cellphone pics, i think the rain killed my old venerable Canon shureshot. 





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