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Picking a gps app and unit help

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I’ve been using a name brand gps app on my iPhone for a few years and like quite a few things about it but...I just hit a wall with it’s capabilities.  It appears it will only allow the import of kml files onto my workstation that are much smaller than I need to import to get the outcome I want.


So...does anyone know of an app that will allow me to load kml or shp files on the order of 75-250 MB onto a desktop to get various habitat layers of the hunting area that I want. Trim that data down to a specific hunting area/WMA, and then load that hunting area data to a handheld device for reference while I’m hunting.

I know I’m nerding out on this, but there have been several habitat studies on my targeted bird and I thought I’d try applying a little technology and publicly available data to the problem.  If all goes well maybe I’ll need more than three shells this year.


i.e. The problem and solution is defined I just don’t know how that implements on the GPS offerings in the marketplace.

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