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I've been staying close to home this year.  Flyfishing primarily panfish in June and now LMB in July.  Since I also like paddling and portage in lakes, I've been fishing mostly fishing carry-in glacial kettle lakes. 


IMG_1308.jpg.b473c770e1c5c84ba1be8cb69633cd07.jpg These lakes are relatively infertile, but have abundant numbers of small LMB:




The topwater bite has been really good this year.  My favorite fly is a deerhair Dahlberg diver with a rabbit strip tail:



This one had a fish following:


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I have to admit that top water smallies are my favorite.  Have a lot of top water baits but am partial to the pop r, it's deadly.

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Geoff Roznak
3 hours ago, doodlecrazy said:

This fish ate a topwater bait about 10' from the boat yesterday


I was going to say, a few days ago, that a musky or pike topwater eat will make you smile for the rest of your life.

Even if you miss the hookset.

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COVID has changed my summer hobbies a bit this year which a silver lining is that I finally have spent more time with the fly rod vs. bike......


My home river is a great mixed bag, early season is stocked with Rainbows and Brookies which were fun but once the water warmed up they dsappeared and I was catching damn near everything but......Blue Gills, Fallfish by the truckload from 6" to some really nice 12-14" fighters.  Then I mvoed to the deeper slower areas of the river and have been going up the learning curve on small mouth.  They are fun.......I have a grudge fish that has broken me off twice after hooking up within the same 5' area near a mid river rock.


The other day it started pouring and during the rain I landed a nice young smallie af 10" on a bugger....once the rain stopped....top water with a hopper......my "last cast" was a 40'+ poke to see if I could hit a tough spot.....as soon as the hopper hit the water all hell broke loose and I pulled in a 14" smallie.....might have been the grudge fish, not sure.....


Swapped over to bass tippet and so far haven't broken off.........fingers crossed.


Got some mouse and frog flies to chuck as well.......

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Ahead of this approaching thunderstorm the topwater bite was just nuts this morning.  As fast as you could get your fly out there you'd get a solid hit.  No short strikes either 100 % hook ups.  Fish slurping and gulping all around.  Pretty exciting.

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Top water bite on the back woods lakes remains good:IMG_1353.jpg.027b28e7c8729ee813d38e8d45885fc7.jpg



I was fishing during the cold side of a cold front so I wasn't expecting much.  Started out slow,  so I fished for gulpers:



That is fish roaming deeper water gulping random edibles blown in by the night's storm.  Typically little bass and northerns.  But once it warmed up the top water bite lit up again for a pleasant 1/2 hr. of fishing.  Must be a lot of frogs this year as the top water bite has been hot all year.


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