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Supporting the UJ Discussion Community

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Every once in a while I remind all Members, new and old, of the Member Group and Donation Structure for this Discussion Community. I try not to shove this down Members throats but the Donation structure is the primary means of funding this Board and keeping it online.


Member Donations fund this advanced Board Software, Support Contract, Server and Bandwidth space, Cloud Hosting and Data plan, the archived UJ website, and UJ email.


For a minimum Donation of $25 (the cost of a magazine subscription) Members are placed in the 2019 CONTRIBUTING MEMBER Group for one year. *Donations above the minimum are at the discretion of the Members and always appreciated.


If unsure of your Member Group look on your Profile or under your Avatar area on Posts where it will say MEMBER GROUP or 2020 CONTRIBUTING MEMBER.


The 2020 CONTRIBUTING MEMBER Group enjoys enhanced Priviliges across the Board. The most significant being the ability to upload multiple photos directly to posts via drag and drop, or choosing files from computers, tablets, and smart phones. The Contributing Member Group has unlimited editing time for posts, ability to post Ads on Swap & Trade, and generally more flexibility and enhanced functions throughout the Board.

I send out a UJ Decal to all first time Donators, and UJ Grouse or Woodcock Decals are available to current Contributing Members for the asking.


If any Member wishes to donate and be added to the Contributing Member Group I've added a Link to the Donation Page and address for checks below:


Donation Page



Brad Eden

PO Box 172,

Frankfort, ME 04438


Thank you for considering supporting this Online Community!

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